We all like an opportunity to get into the swimming pool when possible. With our changeable weather it’s the ideal place to stretch our aquatics muscles. However, you should always follow these tips for a safe experience. If you do, you will avoid any nasty accidents and injuries.

  • An adult should always supervise playtime in paddling pools.
  • Be careful not to dive into shallow water – check to see how deep the pool is.
  • If you are with younger children, watch out for them at all times.
  • Obey all pool safety rules such as no running, no dives, no horseplay.
  • Remember to check for others before entering the water.
  • Watch out in case there is no proper barrier between the kids pool and the main pool.
  • Find out if there is a Lifeguard on duty and listen to their instructions.
  • Watch out for sudden drops in the pool floor.
  • Beware of wet and slippery surfaces.